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Picture of Pac Beach High logo on side of building.
4 students and teacher demoing the old bbq pit for construction class
Picture of Pacific Beach High School.
students carving pumpkins on haloween
Picture of Pac Beach High School quad.
students working on classroom project
Picture of PBHS.

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Program Highlights

These are the values the District holds and evaluates all decisions against.

Effective Communicators

  • Think, speak, read, and write clearly and effectively
  • Speak with confidence within a group and to an audience
  • Listen to and comprehend oral information

Collaborative Workers

  • Use effective interpersonal skills to work cooperatively in various roles with others
  • Use effective leadership and group skills while establishing and accomplishing goals
  • Create and adapt to change

Complex Thinkers

  • Identify, organize, assess, analyze, and integrate resources and information
  • Assess information from various points of view
  • Use logical decision-making processes

Responsible Citizens

  • Contribute talents, energies, and time to improve the community and the environment
  • Actively participate in American democracy
  • Recognize the dignity and worth of every individual

Self-Directed, Life-Long Learners

  • Maintain a positive personal image
  • Recognize and utilize technology
  • Demonstrate knowledge of budgeting of personal resources, finances, and time
  • Understand how to establish goals and develop plans for achieving goals 

Respect and Integrity

  • Communication and interactions among and between students, staff, and parents is defined by mutual respect, trust, and support
  • SLCUSD strives to create a safe space for students to learn about themselves, other people, and the world around them

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What is PBHS?
Team Building