Farm Class

PBHS and Central Coast Grown Partner to Create City Farm School Garden.

More than 30 PBHS students have been participating in a new program that combines instruction in several academic subjects with hands-on experience creating, tending and harvesting a school garden. Teachers Anne Wilder and Terry Jacobsen have been collaborating with volunteers from the non-profit organization, Central Coast Grown (, to engage students with learning the biology of plants and the principles of sustainable agriculture or “agro-ecology” in the classroom and with putting that knowledge to work in the field. “The field” is located a few minutes’ walk from the school on City Farm, the City of San Luis Obispo’s Calle Joachin Agricultural Preserve. While learning, students have succeeded in transforming a quarter-acre patch of brick-hard clay soil into a productive and beautiful garden providing local organic food.

The Farm Program offers all students the opportunity to learn science, English, economics, history and math at the same time they enjoy growing and eating (and eventually selling) organic vegetables. In cooperation with SLO City Farm, we have access to one acre of prime organic farm land, only a few minutes walk from campus. Students work the soil, plant and maintain the vegetable crops, and harvest the fruits of their hard work.

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